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Midwest Creation Fellowship

About Us

Midwest Creation Fellowship is a Christian nonprofit educational organization. We exist to encourage fellow Christians by showing that the Genesis account of creation and the subsequent world-wide flood are in harmony with the vast majority of evidence from history and science. Here's our Statement of Faith. Funding for our activities comes from membership dues and contributions. The work is done by volunteers. Gifts to MCF are tax-deductible.

Monthly presentations, Field Trips, Seminars, Workshops: MCF sponsors science-related programs open to the public. These employ local as well as national and international speakers on varied creation science topics.

Dr. Charles Jackson - November 2015
Local meeting, Dr. Charles Jackson, speaking on "The Myth of Junk DNA"
fossil hunt at Waukegan Harbor, Illinois
Fossil hunt at the Waukegan Lakefront
Dave D'Armond demonstrates the power of air pressure
Local meeting: David D'Armond demonstrating principles of aerodynamics

Emailed news of upcoming events and sometimes other items pertaining to the creation movement. Sign up by filling in the form here, or by sending an email to The email will detail coming MCF events in the Chicago area, and will include a link to the page showing coming events (within about 150 miles) for other organizations.

Cartoon image of a presenter Speaker Bureau: We have a number of speakers on creation-related topics. If you call or write with a request for a speaker on a specific topic and/or in a specific geographic area, we'll look up who might be able to help you, and help you get in touch with him. Our speakers live around the Midwest.