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Midwest Creation Fellowship
  Last modified: April 01 2023


Our support comes from donations and memberships. The resources we sell are not a significant source of funding. We will NOT sell, nor share, members' information with other non-profit nor for-profit organizations. So we really could use your help!

MCF offers three levels of (family) membership:

Non-members -

Associate members:

Voting and Contributing Members:

How to Join:

You could use our PayPal account, via the "Donate" button, or a check, to submit your membership dues to the address below. Please include your email address and phone number. We will NOT distribute your info to ANYONE outside our own organization! And we never call to ask for donations!

If you remit the membership dues via our PayPal account, please email or snail mail to inform us that the money is for a membership.
Please include your name, address, the level of membership you are requesting, the date of your PayPal transaction, your phone number, and your email address.

And, thank you!


Midwest Creation Fellowship
PO Box 973
Wilmette, IL  60091-0973