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Midwest Creation Fellowship
  Last modified: September 14 2022

Videos Online
(Ours and Others!)

Below are linked collections of online videos that MCF recommends. All take the stance that the Bible should be taken literally when it states that God took only six (earth) days to create "the heavens, the earth, and all that in them is", and the Flood was world-wide.
Click for MCF's channel on YouTube
Midwest Creation Fellowship Channel Videos of our meetings, starting November 2017.
Click for Answers in Genesis' videos
Answers in Genesis website
A wide variety of topics, some especially for kids. Many are excerpts from longer videos.
Click for Awesome Science videos
Awesome Science TV website   Kids' shows and documentaries featuring science from a Biblical worldview! This is a PAID service.
Click for videos and podcasts on Creation Ministries International website
Creation Ministries International's website contains dozens of webcasts (videos) and podcasts (audios).
Click for Creation Today videos
Creation Today website   Free webinars on topics from evidences for Biblical creation to worldview-political issues.
Click for Carl Kerby's 'DeBunked' videos!
DeBunked videos   Unapologetic apologetics videos hurled at breakneck speed, salted with a lot of truth, ...
Click for Genesis Apologetics "7 Myths" videos
Genesis Apologetics website Free online videos on 7 diferent myths of evolution, 6 to 22 minutes long.
Click for The Institute for Creation Research videos
Institute for Creation Research   Very short, to-the-point, animated videos that cover one question each.
Click for Reasons for Hope channel on YouTube
Reasons for Hope Channel  (Carl Kerby) deBUNKED videos, 3-4 minutes each, covering one topic each.
Click for Search for the Truth  (Bruce Malone) channel on YouTube
Search for the Truth YouTube Channel Some are about 1 minute long; some are closer to an hour.